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I discovered this guy on the glass door to our back yard late last night. Best I can tell he’s not  a local; green tree frogs not being indigenous to New York City (not even in the North Slope / Prospect Park) he may have hitched a ride on hurricane Irene.

Either way from what we ready he won’t survive a winter in Brooklyn so we set him up temporarily with some freeze dried crickets from the pet store, a small pool of water (which he does wild swan dives in to) & went about trying to find him a home via Facebook & the Prospect Park Zoo.

Unfortunately, despite the wild popularity of Pocket Frogs – nobody wanted this cute 2.5″ tree frog we named Jack (deduce your LOST reference of choice here). So we took him off to a more appropriate home at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue – who apparently specialize in misplaced reptiles & amphibians.

Date: September 02, 2011
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