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INDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed to deliver a standardized Eclipse distribution that meets the needs of the interactive developer/team.

INDE aims to not only fill the void between FlashTM BuilderTM & FDT but also provided a central platform for other mobile, web, RIA and other new media developments (such as PHP, HTML, CSS, XML-XSLT, JavaScript, Java EEE, SQL and more) while focusing on a standardized workspace, streamlining Eclipse’s workflow and integrating team version control (SVN/Git).

It is important to note that INDE is a custom pre-configured Eclipse distribution built using many key open source and commercial plugins (please check the Documentation Wiki’s What’s Included section for more details on required commercial licenses).

Site: http://inde.googlecode.com/
Download: INDE v2.0.0 Public Beta
Docs: Documentation / Installation Guide
Demo: Preview
Date: August 09, 2011
Category: Product
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