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Sekati API

Sekati API is a Pure Actionscript 3.0 framework designed to bootstrap the development of flash/flex projects & applications with an emphasis on high-level functionality encapsulation. The framework provides a flexible, feature-rich xml configurable application architecture through the implementation of it’s collection of behavior-specific core display objects, controllers, managers & utilities.

The frameworks deploy structure, web & Air application skeletons, companion Javascript library, unit & visual tests aid in getting a stable application structure up and running almost immediately.

Amongst the various default application features is a Firebug & Eclipse Console Logger (class introspective and leveled) for build and deploy debugging, a Ant Buildfile with tasks for generating project structures, compilation, generating asdoc documentation or SWC libraries and automating deployment via rsync+ssh, graphed performance monitoring memory and FPS, deeplink and polling address monitoring, and much more.

Great attention has been paid to writing thorough and concise Documentation for the API and generating useful Unit and Visual test to allow the framework to be easily tapped and referenced as needed.

The API has been developed with and leverages the power of the INDE (Interactive Development Environment) Eclipse Distribution & is the Actionscript 3.0 successor to SASAPI. For more information please see the Project Wiki or join the Project Discussion List for the latest news or to interact with the developer, contributors & other users!

Site: http://sekati.googlecode.com
Download: SWC Library
Source: SVN Repository
Docs: AS Docs
Demo: Visual Test Suite / Unit Tests / Generic Application
Date: December 01, 2010
Category: Product
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