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Dedon Interactive Installation

This experiment in physical interactivity & kinetic installation transformed the windows of Dedon’s flagship US location in Soho. The Kinect, Processing, Arduino-driven experience fused nature & technology together to create a little interactive play on the streets of NYC.

Using a Microsoft Kinect for directional motion & depth detection (with discrete day & night modes toggling infrared sensor usage) we interfaced with the hardware via the Open Kinect library parsing the data in Processing which in turn passed commands via a custom built Serial command & control Wiring application to the Arduino units driving 30 motors to volley weighted pendulums creating a natural motion in the sea grass.

Client: Dedon
Agency / Partner: Sarkissian Mason
Press: Creativity, Portable TV, Nikkei Marketing Journal, Kinect Hacks
Date: November 15, 2011
Category: Work
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