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Fila Adatto Kiosk

Firstborn designed & developed an interactive application to allow retail customers to purchase custom fit footwear from Fila’s new flagship store on Madison Ave. It has been since rolled out all over the world in countries like Japan & Italy.

A truly unique and complex technology project, and the first of its kind, in the athletic apparel industry. Walk in, get scanned, learn about your feet and walk out with a pair of custom fit Fila Adatto shoes.

Sekati worked on the 1st & 2nd generation kiosks & was the lead developer on the 3rd generation kiosk – which ultimately found its way to being displayed at both the Olympics in Italy & the Playboy Mansion.

View: http://firstborn.com/#/our-portfolio/469/case-study/
Client: Fila
Agency / Partner: Firstborn
Awards: ONE Show Merit Award, New Media Innovation & Development [07]
Date: June 10, 2006
Category: Work
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