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Love Hate Love

Love Hate Love, a proof-of-concept implementation of the Shopmate IP developed @ SM is a hybrid technology (LAMP/AJAX/Flash) offering which socializes the online shopping experience via realtime in-site  peer-to-peer audio, video, text chat & product manipulation in light-box-like wardrobe areas where users add, remove, compare & suggest products in savable wardrobes with a friend.

Sessions are initiated via Facebook Connect; the user is presented with their list of friends & can send an invite link as a Facebook Chat Message to the selected friend, or alternately, a session invite URL is made available for the user to send over their preferred Instant Message Protocol.

Since connections are established via the RTMFP Protocol via Adobe Cirrus there is low to no cost associated with the offerings realtime rich media functionalities. Additionally, a light-weight SQLite Peer Database abstracts URL’s & peer session ID’s allowing for session reinitialization & session URL recycling.

View: http://stage.sekati.com/shopmate/www.shopmate.cc/
Agency / Partner: Sarkissian Mason
Awards: Patent: Systems & Method for Enriched Interaction Between Users of an E-Commerce Platform [USPA 61/390,967]
Date: June 01, 2010
Category: Work
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