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SM Metrics

Soon after joining SM, the technology team was given a mandate to pitch an internal technological muscle flexing exercise which the digital agency could use  to showcase it’s dedication to innovation, IP development & it’s teams collective insight & ability.

Many great concepts were pitched, including my own on wiring the office to the hilt with Arduino’s to gather metrics on anything & everything we could. This concept was expanded to a position on the state of the marketing industry: the view that metrics are limiting creativity.

To bring to life this point of view, the agency wired its office with sensors, which then tracks the results and publishes the data in real-time on the agency’s website. The data visualization humorously calculates the agency’s collective creativity at a point in time, informing viewers on life at the firm as tracked by smoke breaks taken, f-bombs dropped, project scopes changed, ideas generated and shot down, and the like.

In creating the new website, the agency developed its own software and tools to enable it to measure both physical activities and linear activities at the agency. Moreover, it has built proprietary technology solutions that help its clients better connect with consumers in the digital space. Tools designed precisely for today’s digital arena and still open-ended to accommodate future market criteria.

View: http://metrics.sarkissianmason.com/
Client: Sarkissian Mason
Awards: ONE Show Merit Award, DOPE Award
Press: Advertising Age, PSFK
Date: April 01, 2010
Category: Work
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