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MAC Brush Finder

Little brother to the MAC Color Play application, the MAC Brush Finder was another launch feature of the MAC Cosmetics website rebrand campaign which allows users to view the entire MAC brush product collection as a whole, then narrow the search for the right product by contrasting & comparing by way of advanced additive filters to find the appropriate product, get details & save as a favorite or add to their shopping cart.

Similar to the way the Color Browser is integrated into e-commerce product views; the brush finder can be launched from any brush product page to allow for holistic contrast & comparison of MAC’s brush offerings.

The Brush Finder also employs the external JSON RPC Engine I developed for global application data ingress & deserialization from the MAC/Estee Lauder product database used by all flash/flex applications deployed within the MAC Cosmetics site.

View: http://www.maccosmetics.com/flash/brush_finder
Client: MAC Cosmetics
Agency / Partner: Tender
Date: January 10, 2009
Category: Work
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