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MAC Cosmetics

The MAC Cosmetics website rebrand campaign was a multi-year design & collaborative development endeavor between Tender (performing core design/front-middleware development) & the Estee Lauder (who performed a full database & CMS platform switch in parallel to the roll out).

Various key development components & applications were authored during the scope of this project; from large scale product-based applications such as Color Play & Brush Finder to smaller content components such as the artist driven How-To Media Player which allow users to follow along with professional artists in applying MAC products; along with cue-pointed product presentations within the site, or the dynamic Gallery Module which allows MAC to showcase their sensational brand imagery in rich interactive ways on their landing page.

The common thread amongst all presentational tools & applications developed for MAC is the externally loadable JSON RPC Engine I developed for global application data ingress & deserialization. The engine abstracted complex Remote Procedure Calls to the Estee Lauder Databases, converting complex JSON objects to strict native data classes for use in all front-end applications. This was necessary for several reasons; first, the backend databases/CMS powering the new MAC site was being migrated from one corporate platform to an entirely new one being developed in parallel. Secondly, as the new platform nor it’s data structured were not yet finalized & subject to change, creating a loadable abstraction engine insured that as the new backend platform matured over time the engines abstraction routines could be centrally updated – removing the need for individual application rebuilds. And indeed this proved a wise investment as the RPC Engine has undergone several additions & modifications to insure continued functionality since it’s deployment – saving hundreds of hours in development.

View: http://www.maccosmetics.com
Client: MAC Cosmetics
Agency / Partner: Tender
Awards: Webby Award (Peoples Voice)
Press: WDS, The Makeup Loft
Date: January 01, 2009
Category: Work
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