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Sekati Classic

Overview: The original Sekati portfolio body of work presented through an unconventional & multi-user interface.

Background: Built on the heels of art school & with an increasingly eclectic mixture of traditional & digital artwork to account for; this folio site was an early foray into interactive development. Leveraging many of the new features made available in Flash 6′s ActionScript this XML driven flash site (powered by a home-grown PHP back-end management system) became a living experiment in dynamically applied mathematics, network sockets & experimental user interfaces.

Interface: Using AS1 prototypes (ironically once again at the forefront with the advent of enriched HTML/CSS JavaScript), each entry in the  system is represented by a hand cursor. The balance of these nav element cursors are sorted in arrangement patterns such as a Circle, Square, Sine Wave, Grid, Flower etc. – which change periodically (or with user interaction). Additionally, the user may toggle Labels & filter items based on Category. These patterns & arrangements resize to fill the user’s screen as the window is resized to give many different views of the content dynamically.

Multi-user: The multi-user layer of the site allows visitors to see each others mouse movements & clicks in realtime. PC’s mouse cursors are represented by a black arrow cursor, Mac’s represented by a white arrow cursor (as was the convention at the time). Additionally, a realtime text chat feature via a hidden site feature. The multiuser functionality is accomplished via Sekati ActionServer; a custom C based XML socket server & the (at the time) newly provided ActionScript Socket API. This same C socket server was used years later to provide realtime data transport in project such as SM Metrics, Pathways SMS Installation & other hybrid technology projects.

View: http://classic.sekati.com
Agency / Partner: Sekati
Awards: FWA SOTD Award [05], DOPE Award [05], New Web Pick Award [04], Website Design Award [Dec Edition 05], Design Snack Silver Cookie [05], e-CREATIVE Award [04], Internet TINY Award [05]
Press: Published in Web Design Index, Volume 6 / Pepin Press [06], Featured in DESKTOP Magazine [05], Netdiver Best of the Year [05], WTF7 Featured [05], LinkDup [05], BD4D [04]
Date: January 01, 2004
Category: Work
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